All trainers have formal training qualifications.


1. Police and Military training courses, designed to meet your requirements.

Bespoke courses include close protection, surveillance, firearms, tactical building entry and search, MOE, driver training, interviewing, crime scene management, investigation, exhibit handling, defensive tactics and community policing.

2. Personal safety training.

The training is ideal for any person whose work brings them into contact with likely sources of physical risk or harm.

Topics can include :

  • fear management
  • conflict management training
  • dynamic risk assessment
  • principles of personal safety
  • motivation
  • threat awareness
  • situation awareness
  • anti surveillance
  • simple and easily retainable self defence skills
  • defusing and resolving conflict
  • legal aspects of self defence
  • post incident reporting
  • scenario training


3. Travel, Security & Hostile Environment Awareness Training.

Bespoke training, specific to the delegates, their roles and working environment.